Eurodance! Then & Now…Still Disposable?

I’ve had the privilege to start traveling to Europe ever since I’ve turned six years of age and would continue traveling to Poland and surrounding countries till the present. Whilst in Europe, in 1994 I was fascinated by the difference of what they were playing on the radio compared to the U.S. The last song I remembered hearing was “Summertime” by Dj Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince right before I left Stateside. When I turn on the radio in Poland I hear a group from Belgium called Via Con Dios with their hit “Nah Ney Nah”. It was catchy but so cheesy, I could help but laugh. It’s much better after a few drinks I find.

I have this theory. To make a Eurodance track you need a few verses with really bad English grammar mistakes, add a Nah Nah Nah, La La La La La, Da Di Da Dum, Oh Oh Oh Oh etc. You have a Eurodance HIT!! Example:

Did I hit the nail on the head? This was released in 1996. Now they’re not all bad (Only most of them). I kind of enjoyed a few artists like Lasgo and September (Who was being called the Swedish Madonna LOL). Lasgo came out with the hit “Something in 2002 and I loved it. Even had the vinyl. As far as September, she had a cool vibe about her. I enjoyed the hit “Cry For You” which was released in 2007.

See it’s not all bad however it is (In my eyes “disposable”).

Once the more talented Dj’s (Such as Tiesto & Paul Van Dyk) started getting involved, Eurodance kind of became noticed on a Global level. One of my favorite albums of all time is Paul Van Dyk’s “Out There And Back” (2000). Absolute genius! The album does what it says. It’ll take you on a journey Out There And Back!!!

Then you have crap Dj’s such as GiGi D’Augostino (2001)

Need I say more?

In summary Europe has been the home of some of the best Dj’s on the globe yet has produced some of the worst crap on the planet.


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