Eurodance! Then & Now…Still Disposable?

I’ve had the privilege to start traveling to Europe ever since I’ve turned six years of age and would continue traveling to Poland and surrounding countries till the present. Whilst in Europe, in 1994 I was fascinated by the difference of what they were playing on the radio compared to the U.S. The last song I remembered hearing was “Summertime” by Dj Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince right before I left Stateside. When I turn on the radio in Poland I hear a group from Belgium called Via Con Dios with their hit “Nah Ney Nah”. It was catchy but so cheesy, I could help but laugh. It’s much better after a few drinks I find.

I have this theory. To make a Eurodance track you need a few verses with really bad English grammar mistakes, add a Nah Nah Nah, La La La La La, Da Di Da Dum, Oh Oh Oh Oh etc. You have a Eurodance HIT!! Example: Read More